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Cerca Technology is the leading provider in the region of software and hardware solutions for the Supply Chain.

Our team of consultants, experts in logistics and technology, is the largest in Latin America, has implemented projects for the execution of the Supply Chain in Latin America and the Caribbean with more success than any other supplier in the region, completing more than 200 implementations in more than 15 countries.

Case Study: Brinsa

The project was implemented in the projected time, with a rapid stabilization process, which allowed the distribution center to operate normally, guaranteeing fulfillment in deliveries and maintaining the daily sales volume. Time and budget perspective was very good and adjusted to expectations.

Carmen Teresa de la Ossa, Supply Chain Manager,
Brinsa S.A.


Growth in the volume of operations of one in the Aseo line, which was supported with the same resources and without investments in infrastructure

Optimization of storage capacity


Decrease in waiting time in docks

77.18% a 97%

In accuracy of inventories in reference

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