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Cerca Technology is the leading provider in the region of software and hardware solutions for the Supply Chain.

Our team of consultants, experts in logistics and technology, is the largest in Latin America, has implemented projects for the execution of the Supply Chain in Latin America and the Caribbean with more success than any other supplier in the region, completing more than 200 implementations in more than 15 countries.

Case Study: Express Distributors

Cerca Technology has a method to implement their projects. They follow a well proven and sustained pattern. In conclusion, everything is based on discipline, respect for the steps and control of the activities. We want to keep up the implementation of new programs or modules of the WMS and continue updating with new versions.

Alberto Lagrutta, Logistics Manager,
Express Distributors


Increase of volumes without increase of personnel


Accuracy of inventory

Greater speed, precision and compliance

Higher picking speed

Increase in customer satisfaction

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