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Achieve Desired Visibility and Collaboration with an End-to-End Supply Chain

Food and beverage manufacturers face commercial challenges that have constant changes, limitations and an increasingly complex supply chain, so to be successful they must strive to balance demand and supply by making strategic use of the information to plan, coordinate and monitor the conditions they face and their performance.   Effective supply chain management can […]

Benefits of a Multi-Tenant Solution

Through technology, today millions of users are generating huge volumes of information that are stored directly on their devices, external drives, databases, or, more commonly, in the cloud. Every second, an hour of video is uploaded to YouTube; In other words, up to 86,400 hours can be loaded in one day, which means, annually, about […]

Supply chains: Benefits of digitization in SMB today

Year after year, Cerca Technology has stood out for accompanying its clients in the growth of their operations, they have been participants in changes in best practices that seek to react to the current market. Hence, Cerca has stood out for supporting the acceleration of digital transformation and making organizations much more competitive, taking into […]

10 Keys to choosing the right Transport Software

The distribution and transportation process has become the most critical process in the management and administration of supply chains since not only are its costs highly representative but it is estimated that between 30% and 60% of the total costs of logistics are directly involved with the relationship with customers. This means that companies today […]

Benefits of the Implementation of Voice Technology in your Distribution Center

As can be seen in the development of operations within the distribution center, the demands and demands to fill orders efficiently are increasing, not only is it expected to have much more precise but also faster processes. This situation increases the need for companies to provide their workers with adequate technological tools and solutions that […]

Agility is the Magic Word. Urgency is the Driving Force

Today’s global economic uncertainty has put more pressure on the supply chain. Today more than ever the food, mass consumption, medicine, retail (e-commerce) sectors must be able to respond quickly to changing market conditions, adapting to the different restrictions that each government is establishing in order to safeguard the well-being of its population. Fortunately, with […]

Preparing your Supply Chain for the New Age

xLet us begin by understanding that the only thing that is known with certainty is that there will be a global and local uncertainty of multiple variables that will impact our businesses. Of course, each organization experiences specific circumstances and delving into each of its variables would be like putting a very long list as […]

Improving Productivity: Just a Matter of Time in Times of Crisis?

We are in times of crisis, where increasing productivity is one of the main challenges in logistics management. Today doing «more» with the same resources and maintaining security protocols is the goal. Over time, companies have faced different business challenges in logistics management, one of the most significant has been the evaluation of the level […]

In Times of Crisis, Responsiveness and Speed ​​are the Gold

The worldwide impact that Covid -19 has had on public health, society and the economy simultaneously, has been the differentiating factor of the crisis that today involves more than 170 countries, including world powers. Although all economic sectors have been affected, there are industries that have not had the same levels of damage. The automobile, […]